5 Reasons Why You Should Uninstall Apps You Are Not Using

Disadvantages of keeping apps you not using on your phone and reasons why you should uninstall them now

The moment we lay our hands on our new smart phones, we start stocking it with all kinds of apps. Most of the apps become useful the moment we install it while some might come in handy later on. However, some of the apps might become redundant owing to the fact that it hasn’t been used since its installation.  The disadvantages of keeping apps you are not using on your smart phone outweighs the advantages. This article is going to show you the 5 reasons why you should uninstall apps you are not using.

I can confidently tell you that any app that is 3 months old without any form of usage is redundant. I strongly advise you uninstall them.

5 Reasons Why You Should Uninstall Apps You Are Not Using

Below are the reasons why you should uninstall apps you are not using

1: Consume Memory (ROM):

I deliberately place this on the top list of reasons why you should uninstall apps you not using. As long as those apps are there, you will have no control if it uses your memory or not without uninstalling them. Most times, these apps takes up a lot of memory space on your phone doing nothing. Some take as low as 2mb of memory while some takes up to 400mb memory space. Imagine what you will do with that amount of memory space. This can roughly store more than 100 pictures.

Uninstalling such apps will clear up your internal memory space and render it fresh for newer apps.

Note: Only running apps uses up memory in RAM. We are making reference to the internal memory with regards to the first reason above.

2: Consume Battery:

Having a lot of apps will not necessarily drain more battery but using them all at a time will definitely drain your battery. However, some apps runs on the background or performs some background processes hence consuming a little bit of your phone power.

Let’s check it this way. When your Phone starts checking for available updates, it will definitely check for those apps you aren’t using as well. This increases the processing time of the OS thereby increasing the battery consumption for the process.

Whether your apps is running or not running, it still uses a little bit of your phone power. You can still learn how to optimize your battery usage for each app here

3: Phone Lags and Inefficient performance:

This is in relation to no 1 above. Having lots of idle apps takes up your internal memory. If you are the type that is using lower ROM size, you will notice that your internal memory will become saturated with time. Mobile phones does not function properly when the internal memory is saturated. Internal memory is where all your apps are installed. Though they are run through the RAM, the efficiency of their performance is somehow dependent on the availability of space in their installation directory. This causes apps freezing, inability to start and unexpected closure.

You can now see the reason why you can’t take pictures with your phone camera when your internal memory is full.

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4: Exposes phone to malware and spyware attacks:

Actually, I have to include this in the list owing to the facts that some people never updates their apps.

Apps updates are released regularly to fix security issues, bugs add new features and or improve the existing ones. When these idle apps are not updated, they become a loophole to various attacks. Most hackers, spywares and Trojans explore those bug issues that comes with each app release and try to gain access to the app and its environs. It becomes easier for them to do so when you do not update your apps to the latest version or updates.

5: Data consumption:

Unless you are on a free Wi-Fi zone, you definitely pays for data. It pains when your data exhaust when you do not expect it to do so. Almost all the apps in your phone makes use of Internet connection either directly or indirectly to perform efficiently. Part of the data usage is when your phone is checking for the app available update and when you are actually updating the app.

I must agree that the amount of data used in checking for new updates for various apps are meagre. However, having lots of idle apps means that you are wasting those internet data on apps that you don’t use at all.

However, you can manage which apps uses your internet connection by restricting the apps’ background data on cellular network. This feature will cause an app that depends on background data to stop working when cellular networks are available

You can do this in android 6.0 for example, by going to “Settings”

Click on “Data Usage”

Select the network.

You will see all the apps that are making use of network connection and their percentage of usage.

You can click on any of the apps you want to restrict background data for.

Then toggle “Restrict app background data” on

You can also do this through the apps setting of that app.

This procedure might be different in other versions of android.


In conclusion, most of us still feel that the apps which we are not using now can come in handy later on. This is actually true. It a good idea to prepare for the unexpected because one might not know what will come up in future to necessitate the use of such apps. It can even happen when you are not in a position to download or get the apps to solve the current problem.

This can happen when you are out of internet data or no nearby friend with such app on his/her phone to share to you. Sometimes, the scenario that necessitate the use of that app might happen at a fast rate that the time to download or get and install the app elsewhere will be time unfriendly. i strongly advise that you examine the importance of each app and the potential for its future use before going ahead to install and uninstall such app.

Do you have any supportive or contrary opinion to the above reasons, please do use the comment box.

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