Google Chrome to Finally Block Autoplay Videos with Sounds in Next update

Time to be free of those annoying unsolicited sounds while surfing

Google is finally hitting that sledge hammer on that annoying autoplay videos that start with the sound blaring. This is one of the changes made to the newest Chrome Beta channel release for Android, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. you can view a complete list of the features in Chrome 66 on ChromeStatus. This next update to Chrome version 66 which will include changes to block autoplay videos means that the browser will only play them automatically if the sound isn’t playing by default, or if you click and interact with the site, or have previously “shown an interest in media on the site.”

Google Chrome to Finally Block Autoplay Videos with Sounds in Chrome 66 Next update

Though Chrome 64 should have come with these changes in January but was delayed. This version came with an option to permanently mute annoying websites that abuse autoplay videos with the sound on by default.

Imagine you are in a cooperate gathering and you are about to make some presentations from your live research. Only for one annoying sound to emerge from no where and seize all the attention to itself. No one likes such situation.  Google delayed the additional autoplay changes to Chrome 66. But they’re now appearing in the beta channels of Chrome ahead of a public release next month. You can check the comprehensive list of those changes in the “ChromeStatus” page provided above.

Google Chrome to Finally Block Autoplay Videos with Sounds in Next update

A lot of big technology companies have made user experience to their products a bit difficult in recent years. But it seems they are waking up to reality of users privacy choice. We are waiting for when Microsoft will stop forcing updates on Users of Windows 10 (though you can easily block them here).

Google’s additional steps mean that autoplay videos with sound should be a thing of the past. You can always take the extra step of completely muting a site if you happen to click and interact and the sound turns on.

What do you Think?

I guess it’s a cool feature by Google to block autoplay videos with sounds. What do you think? Use the comment form below.



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