Block Unwanted Updates in Windows 10 Using wushowhide Tool

One of the unique features of Windows 10 is its forced update policy. When it comes to the way updates are handled in Windows 10, users were presented with limited privileges. Microsoft  did this to ensure that most of the Windows 10 devices out there are running the latest version of their operating system. In perfect conditions, this means most of us will receive better security and the latest features developed by Microsoft. however most of the time these updates when faulty can create a lot problem which can lead to the malfunctioning of your system. I am going to show you how to block unwanted updates in Windows 10 using the “wushowhide” tool.

About Wushowhide.diagcab Tool

Block unwanted updates wushowhide image

Wushowhide tool is a Windows and drivers updates blocking and unblocking tool provided by Microsoft-Support as a troubleshooting application. you can download it directly from Microsoft HERE. It is an executable file of small size of 45.5kb.


Detailed Procedures to Block Unwanted Updates in Windows 10 Using wushowhide Tool

I assumed you have downloaded this tool, just lunch it by double clicking or tapping on it. It will open like a normal small Windows troubleshooter. click NEXT to begin the process to block unwanted updates.

wushowhide window to Block unwanted updates


The wushowhide tool will start checking for your Windows and driver updates.

wushowhide searching updates to Block unwanted updates

It will take several minutes to end the search process and will provide you with two options to choose from;

Hide updates or

Show hidden updates.

select the first option; Hide updates to block one or more Windows or driver updates from being installed on your Windows 10 system.

wushowhide to Block unwanted updates


From the the list of available updates presented to you

Select one or more of the updates you want to block from installing(hide).

And then, click on ‘NEXT’ to block unwanted updates.

wushowhide to Block unwanted updates


It will take the show or hide updates tool several minutes to mark selected updates as hidden and prevent them from installing on your Windows 10.

wushowhide to Block unwanted updates


The tool will provide you with all the updates that were blocked when done.

You can click on the View detailed information link at the bottom of the window to view detailed report of everything the “Show or hide updates” troubleshooter did to block unwanted updates.

wushowhide to Block unwanted updates


wushowhide to Block unwanted updates in windows 10


Done! all the selected updates is now blocked from installation at least up until another version of the updates are released by Microsoft.

However you might want to change your mind to install a particular update that was earlier hidden by you. You can still do this using the show or hide updates tool.


How to Show or Unblock Hidden Updates Using the wushowhide Tool

Click on the wushowhide.diagcab you downloaded and click on Show Hidden Updates

wushowhide to unlock updates


Select those updates that you want Windows 10 to install automatically again from the list and Click NEXT

wushowhide to unlock updates


Show or hide Update tool will unblock the updates selected. You can check the details of what the tool did by clicking on view detailed information. this procedure is very much similar to the one stated in the the first section of this guide above.

Close the troubleshooter when done.

wushowhide to unlock updates


What do you think about this tool? We’d love to hear from you on this matter, so please feel free to use the comments form below. you can as well check on our How to restore Windows 10 to an earlier restore point when you encounter problem while using the  show and hide updates  tool.



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